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Welcome to GreyT NameS Greyhound Community & DataBase

Social Network for Greyhounds and their friends.
The website and database is intended for the community of Greyhound fans worldwide who could help us gather more information about this beautiful breed.
We would appreciate also to host Greyhound pedigrees reaching back to the very beginning of Greyhound breeding.
You can start exploring the website by following one of these links:
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Website is in testing mode, so if you see any error or mistake, feel free to report us!

Latest Greyhound Database entries
No photo GrandCru Chaparl Oban At Heart
No photo Hewly Hircine
No photo Hewly Herodias
No photo Clairidge Starbuck
No photo Midnight Shadow Traveler
No photo Windwood Venus
No photo Lakilanni Cara O Cruz
No photo Trireme Doctor Who
No photo Lakilanni Fly Like An Eagle
No photo Lakilanni Barbie Doll


Newest Person Updates

Alison Coxon
Viara Gent
Jindich Pos
Laszlo Burián
Cynthia L Swanson


Newest Kennel Updates

More Majorum
Des Legendes d'Arwen
Des Legendes d'Arwen
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